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Z100 iHart Radio special “reveal”

Alex’s Make a Wish request was to play the Gov Ball in Randall’s Island NYC. Make a Wish worked hard to make it happen and with their partner iHeart Radio, planned a special “reveal” of Alex’s wish. Together they had Alex take a VIP tour of iHeart’s headquarters in NYC where Z100 is located. Alex was taken on the tour and then brought to Celebrity Host Maxwell’s studio. Cameras were waiting for Alex as he walked into the studio. Alex thought he was going to just pop in to say hello but Maxwell planned to interview him. Maxwell greeted Alex, had him sit in the chair where he interviews famous celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Maxwell then told Alex he would like to Interview him. Alex was astonished but game for the interview. Maxwell was amazing and during the interview asked Alex to read a promo on air for the Gov Ball. It was a ruse and Alex read his name off the list of performers. Maxwell then revealed that Alex was going to play a set on stage at the Gov Ball. He couldn’t believe it, his dream would come true! A million thanks to Make a Wish, Maxwell and iHeart Radio for giving Alex his dream. Maxwell also asked Alex to make a 20 minute set of his music which was aired on Z100 on May 14th along with the interview.


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